My 30 Days To Healthy Living & Beyond – 30 Days Later

30 Days To Healthy Living and Beyond | 30 Days Later | Angelas Jam

Welcome to My 30 Days to Healthy Living & Beyond journey!
I bet you are back here because you read – The Beginning – and had to know what happened?
Like a really good book that has a sequel and you just buy it because you have to know!
Well here it is, 30 Days Later!.

My 30 Days

In the week or so before the program started, participants were added to a facebook page and on there were tips, advice, and meal plans.
The meals actually looked really good, and it was easier to follow them than to work out what you can and can’t eat. The majority of the meals were winners; there are a few that will be cooked again.

There were a few smoothie ingredients that I was unsure of, but I said to myself that I would try them.
I did the shopping for week 1 a few days before, and I was totally pumped to get started.


Week 1.

I started Day 1 with some breakfast (yogurt and granola), and then shake for lunch. I decided I didn’t really like coconut yogurt so from then on I started having two shakes a day (Breakfast and Lunch). This is suggested if you are wanting to lose weight, and as I said in ‘The Beginning’, that wasn’t my main goal, I really did it out of ease more than anything.

Week 1 was the week I tried spinach in my smoothie, it is a core ingredient in one of my favourite smoothies.

During week 1 I was feeling very tired most of the time. I believe this is a symptom of my body detoxing.

Something exciting happened, I forgot to take my very strong reflux tablets, and usually when I forget I feel it a few hours later; I didn’t even notice until the next day when I went to take it! I will be trialing this to see if it was a fluke or a result of this program.

In the group, I heard someone had lost 2 kg by around day 5, so I was feeling a bit at a loss because I felt like I hadn’t lost any weight (I think maybe it was more of a priority than I first thought).

Week 1 – 71.8 kg = Loss of 2.4 kg

Week 2.

From the shocking results of Week 1, I was on a high and very motivated.

For months I had been meaning to YouTube ‘Basic  Yoga’ for health and exercise. I diverged from that idea and found an exercise video that is now my go to exercise.

Easter happened in this week, which can be just as bad as Christmas. I had been craving hot cross buns, so made it my mission to eat one for breakfast on Good Friday like I did as a kid. I also had a couple of little chocolate eggs, but overall found them too sweet due to the lack of refined sugars in my diet.

In week 2 I was still having good results having the occasional reflux tablet.

Week 2 – 71.1 kg = Loss of 0.7 kg

Week 3.

I’d say that week 3 was the hardest. I did so well over the Easter period, so it was time to slide a bit. Two long weekends in a row does that to people. A bit of wine and bit of cheese, some pizza and bam! But while doing this, I was still exercising, my dog loved me and I loved being active. I also kept up with my new go to exercise video.

I started taking my reflux tablets every day again. There was one day where I didn’t feel well (I identify spring onion being the problem) so rather than feel uncomfortable, I caved in and took them again.

It was by about week 3 that I had decided to do the program for another month.

My weigh in for the end of week 3 was a couple of days late.

Week 3 – 69.5 kg = Loss of 1.6 kg

Week 4.

So after eating crappy in week 3, I was totally surprised and was feeling good about the result.

Mid week 4 I pulled everything out of my closet looking for a belt to go with a new dress I got. Oh the discoveries I made, all of these pants that hadn’t fit for a few years were now fitting!

30 Days To Healthy Living and Beyond | Angelas Jam
A pair of jeans that were once too small are now slightly too big!


My PJ pants, they were once hugging my thighs but are now quite baggy.


Nearing the end of week 4 I had been busy with work and lazy at home. I was feeling fat (well as much as you can when you’ve lost what I have), so not such a good end to a positive, amazing, surprising month.

Week 4 – 69.9 kg – Gain of 0.4 kg


Favourite Meal: Vegetable Burgers

Favourite Smoothie: The Green Monkey


Total loss – 4.3 kg

30 Days To Healthy Living and Beyond | 30 Days Later | Angelas Jam

Final Measurements

30 Days To Healthy Living and Beyond | Angelas Jam
Personally, I can’t tell from these photos that there are any changes, but I know there are, and I know my clothes fit better.

30 Days To Healthy Living and Beyond | 30 Days Later | Angelas Jam

30 Days To Healthy Living and Beyond | 30 Days Later | Angelas Jam

I am feeling more confident about my body after this month. I am happy with what I am putting into my body,  and I have even been eating some yummy recipes.


1. Count nutrients, not calories. I know that a bottle of Pepsi has 1100kj, but I also know that a bowl of vegetables or salad is 100x better for me than a jam sandwich. When you have a health or weight loss goal it is hard enough to not obsess over hitting your goal, you don’t need to stress about calories.

2. Think about what you put in your body. It’s not hard to understand what is good and what is bad.

3. It’s not easy and it’s not meant to be.

4. As above, you’ll obsess over something. Whether it’s how much weight you lose, or that you have to be super strict with your food, or just how yummy the smoothies are and you want more than 1 or 2 in a day. It’s normal, just make it a healthy obsession.


Let me know what you think! Send me any questions.
For month 2, follow my Instagram feed: here.

And don’t forget to check out the awesome Hannah my friend & consultant: here.

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  1. This is awesome! I can definitely see the difference in the pictures, you look a lot slimmer around the waist area and your face too! Great job! I totally want to try this now x

    Sophia x

    1. angelasjam says: Reply

      Thank you! xx
      I had no idea my face was looking slimmer, I should be the first to notice lol!
      It is definitely worth a try, I feel so good and confident in just a month, feeling even better in week 2 of my second month!!

      xx Angela

  2. Way to go! You look great, but it’s even better to hear that you FEEL great! Congratulations on your fitness journey!

    1. angelasjam says: Reply

      Thank you xx
      I think the looking great is just a bonus to feeling great. I feel confident and motivated!

      xx Angela

  3. That’s really great i have started doing twice weekly farmers marlet runs and i feel so much better when I eat well.

    1. angelasjam says: Reply

      Thank you!
      It’s unbelievable what food can do to our mind, body, and soul.
      I truly believe the scientists who say that our guts have their own brain.
      Keep it up, you are supporting farmers and paving the way to a healthy happy you!

      xx Angela

  4. The results are fantastic! Go mama! I love the fact that you said you feel better, that right there is priceless. Congrats!

  5. Angela! Congrats on your effort and progress! It’s such a joy to be good to ourselves in all areas in life! I can attest to changing my nutrition habits and how it has positively affected me!
    3 cheers!

  6. Wow – this is awesome! You look great!

  7. Wow! You look awesome! I am so happy this lifestyle is working out for you! I honesly need to start eating healthier but it is juts so hard with having a hubby who only wants to eat junk food. The struggle is seriously REAL!

    -Danielle Ruppert //

  8. Great job! I like the advice to count nutrients and not calories. That’s a much healthier approach.

  9. You look great! I’m with you on going by feeling though, I always just go by the way my clothes feel, because sometimes our bodies change in ways that the scale just can’t measure!

  10. Awesome! You look great! Love that you have a video link as well.. I’ve been looking for some sort of workout video to try! Keep up the good work lady! 😀

  11. Awesome work!! You’re doing such an amazing job! Congratulations! x

  12. Exercise worked for you

  13. that’s and amazing result angela, you must be so pleased. It was interesting to read how your viewpoint of the programme changed as you progressed

    Hannah @ The Northern Writes |

  14. You look awesome! Keep up the good work. I always start healthy living with good intentions but it never works out, I wish I had your drive 😻

  15. Good for you! You look great and -4.3 kg is an awesome lose for one month!

  16. You look great and it seems the programe really agrees with you. You can be really proud of yourself! It’s always nice to read stories where people succeed with something.
    Lea, xx

  17. OMG!! Nice!! It takes a long time to really lose weight and get in shape. For me, I try to eat less and workout 2 hours everyday! The video you linked, I also follow some of the moves they do. They have a lot of difference videos on YouTube.

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