My 30 Days To Healthy Living and Beyond – The Beginning

30 Days To Healthy Living and Beyond | Angelas Jam

Lets get real about healthy living

In about 2007-2008 I stopped eating gluten to help with migraines I had been getting. When I say ‘stopped’, I didn’t take it 100% seriously until about 2013 after eating a few of my favourite foods (donuts and dumplings) and feeling sick. After those ‘events’ I took it very seriously up until 2016.

In 2016 I got a test for coeliacs disease and a gastroscopy, which came back negative – for anything at all wrong with me!! AHHH! So I started eating gluten again. Among not eating gluten, I was getting bloated and a sore tummy, by 2015 I also had bad reflux. But my body was showing no results! So I am now stuck on an extremely high medication for reflux and am still getting sick from food.

So when the opportunity to change my eating habits arose, I actually thought about it.

I had a day where I was feeling really sick from food and I said to myself “stuff this, I need to do something!”

And so it begins.

My Journey To Healthy Living

I have joined the Arbonne 30 Days To Healthy Living & Beyond program. I do not get any benefits by mentioning this program or the products, I am just documenting my journey on the program!

30 Days To Healthy Living and Beyond | Angelas Jam

Why this program?

I know an awesome girl (find her here) who was having awesome results and has enthusiasm and positivity shining out her body (like a unicorn – just imagine it!), so why not!

30 Days To Healthy Living | Angelas Jam

I got my box of goodies from Arbonne about a week after signing up, and a week out from the beginning of the challenge.

My box of goodies included;

  • Shake Powder
  • Fibre Boost
  • Greens Balance
  • Caffeine Free Tea Bags
  • Fizz Sticks

The idea isn’t to just have shakes for every meal, it is about eating healthy. While you are using shake powder, fibre and greens, you are also adding in loads of goodies.

Although, if you are doing it for weight loss, you have two shakes a day. I am undecided as to what I will do at this stage.

The challenge eliminates – Dairy, Gluten, Refined Sugars

I am so absolutely excited about this!


While I found few strange ingredients on the list, most of my shopping was for fresh vegetables for main meals and frozen fruit for smoothies.

I just had to do something while waiting for the program to start, so I popped my shake put my shake powder and fibre boost into containers – because I suck at zip locks – and unwrapped everything.

And I made some Sweet Potato Bread and Nut Butter with Almonds.

30 Days To Healthy Living and Beyond | Angelas Jam

Me Now

I have some different Day 1 photos, but I am not feeling brave enough at the moment.
30 Days To Healthy Living and Beyond | Angelas Jam

30 Days To Healthy Living and Beyond | Angelas Jam

My Goals

I have wanted to lose a little bit of weight since gaining 10kg a couple of years ago… but I would probably be perfectly happy the way I am now.

While weight loss would be amazing, I want my main focus to be on feeling great and loving food.
As I said before, I’ve had issues with food for a while, so feeling good is my main motivator!

1. Eat healthy, feel healthy

2. Lose a bit of weight

3. Improve mental health

Now For The Fun To Begin!

A quote posted in our support/learning/advice facebook group that I utterly adore (and Nayyirah Waheed – a poet – is now my favourite!)

30 Days To Healthy Living and Beyond - The Beginning| Nayyirah Waheed | Angelas Jam

Now to begin my journey, wish me luck!

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  1. Sugar-everybody’s enemy. I gotta try this too

    1. Oh absolutely! There’s so much naturally occurring in our food that we don’t need to be adding more – and the wrong types at that!

      Xx Angela

  2. I really need this in my life right now??

  3. I can’t wait to hear how you got on!
    We seem to share very similar dietary problems. I have cut gluten out for the past six years as it makes me unbelievably constipated and bloated and I also have severe gastric reflux, I’ve been on prescription meds for that for over a year now. I cut out alcohol and ate clean and the reflux is still a problem. Maybe sugar is the issue! xx

    Sophia xx

  4. You are brave! Good luck!

  5. Good luck! Looking forward to seeing how you get on, I hope you see the results you’re hoping for 🙂

  6. Good luck in your journey! Sometimes I find just writing about it, so that it’s out there for everyone to see, helps keep you accountable to yourself!

    1. Thank you!
      That’s exactly right! If I bomb out I have to admit to that, and that is probably harder than sticking to something!

      xx Angela

  7. Awesome article! I LOVE Arbonne products! Their energy fizz sticks are my favorite ever!

    1. Thank you!
      I am not too keen on the fizz sticks, I have had a couple, but because I can have black coffee I have just had those (Not nearly as many as usual though).

      xx Angela

  8. I try to cut extra sugar out, but it’s just. so. hard. I love sweets and I cannot lie!

  9. It is a life style change no matter how you go about getting healthy.

  10. Good luck in your journey. Writing always helps me stay accountable. You’ll do great. Sounds like you’re on a great path. I think it sounds like a great idea. I’m kinda on my own 30 journey. 🙂

  11. you have done a huge step to healthy living, thanks for encouraging us!

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