How To Feel Normal When Living With Anxiety

How To Feel NORMAL When Living With ANXIETY | Angelas Jam

I just wanted to start by saying that I am living with Anxiety and have written this article from that perspective. I am in no way medically trained and based on that please use these as suggestions to make life easier, not as a full treatment.

How To Feel Normal When Living With Anxiety

I have put together a list of some strategies that I use to help with my anxiety, I understand everyone is different, so not all of these strategies will work for you or appeal to you.

I have also included a free printable called 20 Ways To Feel Normal When Living With Anxiety, for you to print and use.

Write To Do lists – Daily

20 Ways To Feel Normal When Living With Anxiety | Angelas Jam

Every morning I get up and have a coffee while I busy myself on the computer, then if I’m lucky, I get ready for work otherwise, it’s trying to busy myself in other ways.
I find that if I write To Do lists I am more productive, so I write a To Do List.  On this list, I include anything, from small to big. The important thing though is to not make to elaborate plans. Keep it simple. I find when I make plans, I am more exposed to my anxiety when I have to cancel.

Read – anything!

20 Ways To Feel Normal When Living With Anxiety | Angelas Jam

Read blogs, read books, read magazines, read journal articles – just read!

I have been reading some really bad and some really good books on the kindle app on my phone. The site BookBub sends me emails daily with free or discounted books, which I take advantage of.

I find that in most cases I am so engrossed in the story that I forget about my own worries and anxieties for a while. Even when not reading I am thinking about the characters.

I also read articles from other bloggers – particularly anything to help improve my blog, but we all have something cool to write about, and you can find something to read on any topic!

Listen to music

Check out some of my playlists!

20 Ways To Feel Normal When Living With Anxiety | Angelas Jam

Take a bath

There is just something about the warmth of a bath, it’s like curling up under your favourite blanket (which you can do too, particularly if you don’t have a bath).

Baths are my happy place, when I am stressed, when I am sad, when I am anxious, I take a bath.

It is my time, for me… and only me!
Also add a little bit of your favourite essential oil, and relax away! My go to is lavender!

Drink Tea

20 Ways To Feel Normal When Living With Anxiety | Angelas Jam

I tend to drink lots of coffee – because I constantly feel tired – but it can actually make my anxiety worse.

I am getting better at drinking tea, and I actually find the process of making one relaxing.

Tea helps to hydrate the body, the activity of making a cuppa and drinking it is calming and makes for a good routine.

Teas that are good for anxiety are;

  • Chamomile tea – relaxes muscles and reduces irritability. Helps to treat insomnia.
  • Peppermint tea – natural muscle relaxant, caffeine free and calming.
  • Lemon balm tea – reduces cortisol, a stress hormone, relaxes the body without causing drowsiness, and helps in elevating mood.
  • Earl Grey – contains the essential oil Bergamot which has a positive impact on neurological and mental conditions.

I especially love to have a cup of tea in a pretty teapot, with a cute little cup and saucers – why not make it a nice affair!

Aromatherapy / Essential Oils

Currently I have an electric diffuser by my bed, I have been using Lavender Oil to help me sleep and have been having great success. I also have lots of other blends.

I just recently got a diffuser in my car ( yeh how cool!!) and have a calming blend going. When I drive I find I chew my nails and fingers and overthink, so a calming blend is ideal for me, and I am finding it helps!

A few helpful oils are;

Lavender – helps with sleep and can be calming for nerves and anxiety.

Rose – boosts self-esteem, confidence, and mental strength while fighting depression and relieving anxiety.

Ylang Ylang – promotes cheerfulness, courage, and optimism, and soothes fearfulness. It also helps combat depression, as it relaxes both the body and soul, driving away anxiety, sadness, and chronic stress.

Bergamot – secrets hormones which have a positive impact on neurological and mental conditions. Bergamot helps to create the feeling of joy, freshness and boosts energy.

Chamomile – decreases irritability, overthinking, anxiety, and worry.

Also look out for good quality blends, like Sleep, Rest, Calm .. etc! I get mine from my sister over at Elle’s Smells, but there are loads of quality places out there!

Check out Organic Facts for some great information on Essential Oils.

Read Inspirational or Motivational Quotes Daily

Check out my 10 Inspirational Quotes 

Grow a Garden

20 Simple Ways To Keep Anxiety At Bay | Grow A Garden

I have been growing a garden for years, purely for its mental health benefits.

When I was diagnosed with depression I started to grow a garden because I knew it would help.

I find that it distracts me from my thoughts, and it gives me responsibility and I guess a feeling of happiness – particularly when I grow some gorgeous fruit and veggies!

You can grow anything, flowers, fruit, vegetables, cactus, succulents, natives – the list goes on!

Here are some great tips to get you started!

Eat Healthy

20 Ways To Feel Normal When Living With Anxiety | Angelas Jam

Depending on the information you read (and I say this because I am a scientist and believe all information should be tested and peer reviewed), there is a belief at the moment that there is a second brain in our gut.

In simple terms, the gut has its own a nervous system (enteric nervous system) similar to the central nervous system (the one in our brain).

This ‘brain’ releases hormones which make you happy or sad and the bacteria in the gut also influence emotional behaviour.

So I say this as theory, purely because I don’t have a legit article, but having had issues with food for a long time, I actually really believe this… that food affects our mood.

Just think of the time you ate some junk food and felt foggy afterwards!

But whether you believe it or not, it is important to eat healthy. Let your body get the right nutrients and it will do its best to work well for you.

Avoid or cut down on Alcohol

This one is totally new to me, I am noticing how alcohol affects me (not just being drunk), and these days I actually can’t drink very much without feeling foggy, anxious, grumpy, and getting a headache.

Australian culture is so centred around drinking alcohol, whether it be going to a party, going out for dinner, or a way to relax after work; so I can see how this would be a hard one to implement into your life.. but I have found that I feel much more level when I choose not to drink alcohol.

Get enough sleep

And if you need to stay in bed or take a nap, DO NOT feel guilty!



What do you think of these strategies?
Do you have any that you use?


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  1. I am dealing with some very stressful situations and your article was a relief, some weight off my shoulders. There were several great tips that I will be trying thank you!

    1. I am so glad that they were of help!
      I hope you get through your stressful situations soon!

      xx Angela

  2. I can’t even imagine how it’s living with anxiety but I’m so happy for you for finding little things that help you get through it!! Whenever I feel upset or something I o too love to read. It just calms me down.
    Lea, xx

    1. It is hard, but I find those little things to help!
      I am glad you have something that is calming!

      xx Angela

  3. I don’t struggle from anxiety, but I know several who do. These are great tips and resources. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you, it’s taken time to work out what works, so had to share!

      xx Angela

  4. I suffer from anxiety as well and its flared up again latekly 🙁 and the more awareness that is out there the better. Great post babe and great tips & suggestions xx

    1. Oh mine has been bad lately too.. right by your side sista!
      I have started an awareness/what is piece but really don’t know how to do it justice. It’s crazy how many people live with anxiety, just in these comments alone!
      Thank you, I am so glad you liked it, means a lot!

      Xx Angela

  5. This is a brilliant post – I always drink herbal teas and find they help me a lot. I usually get high blood pressure when anxiety hits and certain herbs (like linden) can bring it back down x

    1. We seem to underestimate teas and essential oils. I’ve never heard of linden. I get the thump in my chest but don’t think my bp rises.
      Thank you, I am so glad you liked it!

  6. I think it harder for teenager as they are pushed into social environment. Well that how it was for me. Very thoughtful post. xx

    1. I think there are lots of factors at play, and certainly that could play a part.
      Thank you

      Xx Angela

  7. Thanks for your tips! I struggle with anxiety and sometimes for me to relax I find it best to detach myself from the world by watching a tv show that requires no thinking on my part whatsoever. Normally a trashy reality tv show where I just tune completely out of my own thoughts for an hour. Lol.
    It’s just hard to find the time to do that on a regular basis when I’ve got 2 young kids hanging off me all day 🙂

    1. Might be worth finding something you can do with your kids (I don’t have kids so this is just a suggestion).
      But mothers really need to take some time for themselves, and I can understand it is very hard to do so!
      My mum seemed to be able to tune us out as kids reading a book lol1
      Hang in there!

      xx Angela

  8. Diet is SO important when dealing with anxiety. I also really believe there is a second “brain” in our gut which controls so much of our life.

    1. It is something that I really need to research a bit more, so incredibly interesting!

      xx Angela

  9. Absolutely loved this! I have really bad anxiety that leads to the occasional crippling depression. I’ve been on medicine for it for 2 years now, but that just takes the edge off. I love the idea of growing a garden. If I didn’t live in an apartment complex I’d so start one! Thanks for the great tips <3

    1. Do you have a balcony, little courtyard? Or even look for a community garden?
      I was on medication for depression (also treats anxiety), but have been off them for 2 years (personal choice), but I am the same, it can get pretty bad!
      Thanks for stopping by and I am so glad you loved my tips!

      xx Angela

  10. Loved these. Some are definite reminders for me. Music really helps me a ton!

    1. I am glad you love them.
      I mainly play music in the car and that helps me a lot!

      xx Angela

  11. I love the reading and list tips! I have found that helps so much with my anxiety. I’ve been trying to read fiction before bed and it’s made such a difference!

    1. Oh that is really good!
      It takes time to find what works, hold onto it, it can be your new routine 🙂

      xx Angela

  12. SO much great advice here, thank you for sharing <3

    1. Thank you, it is my pleasure!

      xx Angela

  13. This is a great list – very helpful. Reading has been everything for me lately – even if I just pick up where I left off in a book for a few moments in between other things, it’s such a significant improvement — it makes my mind stop running and worrying because it’s too hyper-focused on the story for anything else.

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  14. I have horrible anxiety. I love my lavender oils and my baths. They tend to help me out a lot. I have also picked up reading again which gives my mind something else to focus on. I have also recently started making lists for myself and it makes me feel good when I mark things off. Tea is also great, I drink honey lavender Yogi tea, it is amazing. This is a great list for anyone who suffers.

  15. Thanks for these tips! I struggle with anxiety and it’s gotten worse more recently so these are good to keep in mind! Particularly reading! I’ve always been an avid reader so it’s good to remember that I, too, get so engrossed in what I’m reading that I can tune out any anxiety for a while at least.

  16. Great post! I can’t speak enough about the benefits of eating healthy to help manage anxiety. Thanks so much for sharing theses great ideas

    Mindful Rambles

    1. Absolutely agree, you just eat something you shouldn’t and feel anxiety creeping up.
      A healthy body can contribute significantly to a healthy mind.
      It was my pleasure and thank you!

      xx Angela

  17. Lack of sleep is nearly always the culprit with my increased anxiety.

    1. I think it’s also about good quality sleep.
      It’s good that you can acknowledge an area that increases it, and can make a conscious effort to help it!


  18. Great tips! Thank you for sharing.

  19. I love this! I do a lot of the same things. I know sleep is a big part for me. Also keeping my mind busy with other things. Wishing you the best in this journey!

  20. Great blog post! I love using a diffuser in my office and at home! 🙂

  21. These are all so great! I make to do lists for work days, and I keep a planner for non work items. It definitely helps me a lot. On the flip side, it throws me off if I’m not able to get through everything I have planned for the day.

    I also have been tending to a little succulent lately. I was taking care of it at work, but it wasn’t getting any sun. I decided to bring it home with me to nurture it. I figured it could give me some purpose to care for it. I’ve had it home for a few days and one of the “leaves” fell off :/ I don’t think I repotted it properly lol. BUT I’m going to try again after doing more research.

    Anyway, thanks for the great article and tips!

    1. I try to add small things so there an achievement, but I can totally understand what you mean when you don’t achieve everything!

      Don’t give up, succulents are funny creatures, I grow a few – their leaves tend to fall off, if the rest of the plant is okay you should be fine. A bit of sun, and water it once a week. But Immerse yourself in it, work out the dos and donts and you should nail it! But the beauty of gardens and plants is that you may not be able to grow one thing but you can be an expert in another. I kill most plants, but can grow an awesome crop of tomatoes!

      I’m glad you loved my tips!


  22. You nailed them right on the head! These are also methods I use as well.

  23. To-do lists are HUGE for me in managing my anxiety! Another thing that I really like to do is listen to audiobooks. Same idea as reading, but it frees me up to work through the to-do list – two birds with one stone.

  24. My 17 year old daughter lives with anxiety and I’m sharing your article with her now. I love that you share your story so others can find comfort and healing.

    1. I hope that she finds it valuable!
      It is nice that you try to understand, I think she is very lucky to have you!
      I am hoping to write something informative for those who don’t live with it but want to understand it.
      Thank you!


  25. I find writing things down really does help my anxiety. Especially when it comes to phone calls. If I have a script to follow it really helps me.

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