My Playlist – February – Songs To Play In The Car

My Playlist - February | Songs To Play In The Car | Music | Beats

Welcome to my first playlist!

I was driving along and an idea came to me!
Why don’t I share what I am listening to.

This will be a monthly thing, because we all know that music tastes do change! Maybe you will see a few songs reoccurring!

So what music do I like?

I have varied music tastes, I can’t put it down to one or two genres, I like what sounds good no matter what it is.

So any suggestions are welcome!

February Playlist

This list has a few songs that I groove out to, shoulder movements and all, while driving my car… which is a lot.

There are also a few songs that I sing along to, which I do very badly, even though my singing teacher said I had a fantastic voice (No joke)!

What this list consists of:

  • Songs I’ve listened to on Triple J!
  • Some songs have been shared with me from the lovely people in life.
  • Good beats accidentally stumbled upon.




Please note; I just wanted to give you a preview of the songs, rather than just listing them and you having no idea what I am talking about. Clicking ‘Listen in Apple Music’ will send you to an Apple site where they may ask you to join. I am not affiliated with Apple Music.



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