Weekend Snapshot – Hair Dye Disaster

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I want to start this with…. I really hate this photo!

Hair Dye Disasters | Bleach | Hair Dye | Dying Hair At Home

This whole thing is so going to sound “First World Problem”.

I’m Having A MASSIVE Freak Out

At the moment I live 30 minutes from the supermarket, no biggie really, but today is Sunday, its raining, and who can be bothered.

The thing is, I dyed my hair blonde, well I bleached my hair yellow/orange and while everyone around me is telling me “It looks fine”, “It looks great”… I am over here like, nope, not staying like this..! (FYI – the photo makes it look normal and its not!).

I haven’t dyed my hair in years, I had been proud of the fact, I even got away with it 2 weeks earlier when my sister dyed my hair and it didn’t do a thing (I am sensing I must just have bad luck with dye). I bet your are wondering why I decided to dye it then? Well, I found this photo from 6 years ago, I may be wearing too much make up, but I reckon I look smoking! Now I just feel like a frumpy granny wearing tummy tucker jeans (yes I wear those!).

Six Years Ago | Hair Dye Disaster | Copying The Past

So on a Saturday night, you’ve just turned into an ompa lompa, and you’re freaking out because you have to go to work like this on Monday! Can you dig what I’m saying?

But lucky for me, I don’t have to go to work!

The Bleach Conundrum 

Anyway, back to dying hair. So we are dying away, and we see that our hair is orange and instead of leaving it in (I mean why would we!), we freak out and wash it out. Apparently we shouldn’t do that, leaving it in will help it to turn yellow, which is what we want. I tell you now, my hair was never going to be the colour of the box, even if I left it in! We even stood in the supermarket aisle deciding what colour it will be with my current hair colour!! I’d be dark blonde, so it wasn’t even close to the “THIS SHADE IS NOT ADVISED” section, who would have thought it could be so wrong!

Hair Dye Packet | Colour Comparision | Blonde | Hair Dye Disasters
So why did my hair go yellow/orange? Well my base tone is a yellow orange (a darker colour like brown to black will have a red base tone), and as I strip away my hair colour with bleach, this base tone is revealed. Hence why leaving the bleach in would have helped it continue to strip down to a more muted yellow.

My Options Now

My solutions now are to keep bleaching it and then dye it to the colour blonde I want, or dye it dark. I am in two (or more) minds about this,

1. I’ve come this far, why not keep going
2. I’ve come too far, it’s safer to turn back!
3. This involves going into public to get said dye!

This isn’t me bashing that dye company, I think its just fate… my hair was like “This is punishment for not dying your hair for years and now trying to ruin it with bleach!”

Instead of appearing in public on my Sunday, I spent the day smelling like coffee grounds in an attempt to fix this problem. I googled some natural solutions because frankly I don’t have a lot in the way of hair dying products and I am not sure my bleach for the bath tub will be totally safe!

Coffee Dye

The recipe for the coffee dye was;
1 cup strongly brewed coffee
2 cups of leave in conditioner (didn’t have that so I used a regular conditioner)
3 tablespoons of coffee grounds
Mix it all together, apply like normal dye, leave in for an hour, rinse with apple cider vinegar and then water.

I didn’t use the whole amount, 2 cups of conditioner is a lot, and in hindsight, I’d probably only use a cup. As you already know, it did nothing! I have this absolute hate of smelling like things i.e food, coffee, smoke, body odour. So I am not really digging this coffee smell. All in the name of vanity I guess.

So off to buy some hair dye I go!! Maybe I’ll grab a few packets while I’m there…. just in case!

Hopefully this will help you next time you get the bright idea to dye your hair… or maybe not!


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  1. Oh, Angela…
    You’re not truly a woman until you’ve had at least one bad hair story like this….!
    Hope the fix-up works….
    If not, then probably time for the hairdresser.
    Wishing you well.

    1. Julie, I am sure it has happened before in my womanhood, I just have a selective memory (hiding painful memories)!
      I ended up using two other dye packets to fix it.
      Not sure if I am happy, but that’s usually the case when you do it yourself!
      Thank you!

      xx Angela

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